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What I Learned in 2017

Twenty seventeen was a year of jumping to the world of real estate investment for me and my husband. We added two rental properties, learned to be good landlords (still learning!), bought a fixer-upper, renovated that fixer-upper, dealt with lots of renovation nightmares for half a year, and, without even realizing, worked on our relationship as husband and wife, and business partners. It was a tough year, but also a very memorable one.

We bought our second rental property in December 2016. Our first rental property is our first home in Houston. When we moved to a new house, we decided to rent out that (town)house without really realizing that it had to be treated like a business. Our second rental property is a 1976 house that needed some TLC. So we renovated that house for roughly a month and found great tenants in March 2017. Although faced with some problems, we became more confident in doing real estate investment and doing the landlording ourselves. I should mention that we have…

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