Happy Birthday, Soul Sister!

Hari ini sahabat saya, Adnyani Dewi berulangtahun. Dua puluh sembilan usia, semoga ia selalu berbahagia. 

Ini adalah tulisan saya dari medio bulan Maret yang lalu. Sahabat saya itu sudah seperti saudara sendiri. Ia luar biasa dan saya menyayanginya!

You Can Always Bitch (To a Soul Sister) 
March 18, 2012 

I just went all crazy, venting and bitching about the simplest most egotistical thing to my best friend, my soul sister. I love the fact that she did not belittle my feelings. She let me said all the things that I needed to say and just said, "You're not crazy. I'd do the same thing."

How I absolutely love her for always being on my side, even at times when I know that I am wrong and just simply being childish or unreasonable. But for whatever reason, to her, in that moment, my feelings were all justifiable. I am just human and she always allows me to be me, no matter how broken and weak. She lets me be me. She is awesome that way.

Now, after all is said, I feel lighter. I don't regret the things I said, the things I felt. I'm just relieved that I got them off my chest, no matter how trivial they were. They did matter, now they just don't. What matters now is that I know I will always have her on my side. And I'll always be on hers.

I love you, Adnyani Dewi.

Happy birthday!


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