A Take on Life/Death

I'm a HUGE fan of Oprah. I watch the show religiously. 

Today, her show was titled "Dr. Oz: A Special Report on Death". That show was nothing but inspiring. Oprah had 2 guests on the show. They were Kris Carr, a woman with terminal cancer in her liver and lungs, yet she was living her life wholeheartedly and free-spiritedly, and Randy Pausch, a Professor in the Carnegie Mellon University with pancreatic cancer and only had 2 months to live (theoretically). 

Randy Pausch gave his last lecture in the university in front of 400 people and the lecture became really popular on youtube. He talked about life and how to spend it. He did the same talk on Oprah and this is the video: Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.

Randy passed away on July 25, 2008. He left 3 children and a wife. 

Chris Karr is very much alive and kickin' ass right now. This is her website: Crazy Sexy Life.

On the Oprah's show, she talked about the way she saw life. And this is her quote that struck me the most: "Life is a terminal condition. We're all going to die."

Kris Carr does everything she wants to do and never let her illness came in the way. She lives a healthy life, became a vegan and just loving life the way it should be. Her energy was beaming on the show, you couldn't do anything but be inspired.

In the end, we don't regret the things we did, but the things we didn't do. I don't want to regret anything.


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