I (DON'T) Want Candies!

Again, for God knows how many times, I purchased something in a store and got candies as my "change". I used to let things like that slide, but not today. Not the effing today.

I paid Rp.26.500,- for two bottles of shampoo that cost Rp.26.300,-. She opened the cash register and there they were, money (already divided into coins and papers) AND candies (of unfamiliar brand and unattractive packaging)! I waited for her action, hoping that she would go for the coins. Well, logically a Rp.200,- coin would do the trick, but nooo.. She reached for the candies. Two candies to be exact.

"No, I want money, Mbak," I said to her firmly, not trying to be a pain in the ass.
And without a single word, but an extremely annoyed facial expression, she put down the candies and gave me back my Rp.500,-. I guess she was letting me know that they really did not carry coins of Rp.200,- or even Rp.100,-. I didn't really care. I took the money, the shampoo and left. That was a weird moment. It should be more annoying for me and yet she acted like I just robbed the store.

It should stop. No more candies as substitute for money! Unless one day the currency of Indonesia is SUGUS.


  1. hahaha mbak andini, i really like this one. i absolutely agree with you!

    i really enjoy your blog mbak :D

    -cassey <3

  2. Hihihi.. Thanks, Cassey Bunny. I enjoy reading yours too. It's refreshingly cool with all those awesome pics. ;)

  3. :))
    Last time it happened to me was last month. I was buying 2 bottles of mineral water that cost rp2600 each. Trying to be good, I willed to 'dive' deep inside my pocket to find a piece of Rp5000 and a piece of Rp500, close enough to the price, and put it on the table. After took those money, she asked me with an unexpected question,
    " Is it OK if I give you candy for the change?"
    That time it really got on my nerves.
    " Mbak, how if I pay you with candies instead?", I replied spontaneously.
    " Its ok if you have some.", she replied with constant smile.
    Her answer to my question was shocking me actualy.
    "Forget it. I don't wanna buy anything. Just give me back my money!!", I said to her with higher voice.
    After that her face dramatically changed.
    "You can take your Rp500, mas", she gave me the mineral water and the coin. You are right, Andini. She acted just like being robbed. :))
    After took the bottles and the coin, I step out from the store with haste.
    I felt funny because the thing that annoyed me was I didn' t bring any candies at that time, as I do usually. It was like once in a live time chance you can buy something with candies, and I miss it.

    Anyway, imagining Sugus as our currency always success to make me smile :D

  4. Jackpopo: What a bummer! Indeed, it was once in a lifetime chance to actually purchase something with candies. It has crossed my mind several times to actually bring candies everywhere, just in case I need them to "buy" something. Now I will actually do that. Don't want to miss that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Haha.. Thanks!


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