I Am Not, You Are Not

Really, we do not have to have the same opinion. 
Because you are not your opinion. You are more than that. 
That is what I am trying to believe right now, because the same thing goes for me too.
I am not my opinion. I am more than that.
I am not the labels you put on me. 
I am not my religion.
I am not my education.
I am not my job.
I am not my sex.
I am not my skin.
I am not my hair.
I am more than those things.
So please don't get offended. 
Do not get mad.
Try to understand that you are not those things too.
You are more than them. 
The roles we are playing might make us forget. 
Got in too deep, got tangled and confused.
We eventually have taken things far too seriously.
But why?
I have nothing against you. I might have some disagreements with the things you choose to use to portray yourself, but honestly, I do not have anything against you.
So why are we still not on speaking terms?
Why waste time? Why waste all those precious energy?
Let's just focus on the same things; the me, the you, the us that are not identified with anything but the real being of us.
Truce?  I am ready if you are.


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