Here I Am...

So here I am... In the USA. Finally.
I'm missing home more than ever. But in a way I can't wait to see what else this country got for me..
So far, I see diversity and how they live side by side. Maybe not always peacefully, but hey, ignorance is bliss.
So far, I see how they have top of the class manners toward customers in any kind of store. Manners that I rarely experience in my own beautiful country.
So far, I see people on the streets of LA driving like their pants are caught on fire. In Jakarta, people are hoping they could drive like that when they were late and those motorcycles were crowding every possible corner and space they could find.
So far, I see cars and more cars. Gosh, give oil producer countries a break! Use hybrids stop robbing us!
So far, I eat burgers that taste like bread and meat and cheese. Bread and meat and cheese. I miss bakso.
So far, I don't feel good after having a meal, knowing that it costs me 10 times more than eating in my favorite hawker.
So far, I see clothes shops selling things that looks like what I usually see (and buy) in Trade Centers around Jakarta.
So far, I miss Indonesia like hell! Damned it!


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