More Time

I wish everybody had more time for everybody.

I hate listening to myself saying "I'm busy today, this week, or (heck!) this weekend."

I hate myself for not having time for people I love the most or people that deserves my attention.

I hate how I say I care about them but doesn't even have the time to show it

I hate how I have to choose between my job and my family.

I hate how I eventually choose my job for the sake of the so-called obligation and responsibility.

I hate how I say 24-hours are not enough in a day.

I hate how I am ungrateful for a new morning and start my day with a groan for the work I have to finish.

I hate how I become a person I have swore I won't.

I have lost too many precious time with the most important people in my life.

I am scared. Scared as hell.

Do you have time for people who love you?

Damn. I miss my father.

Andini Haryani
May 27th 2007


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