One Holy Celebration

I wrote this poetry last Idul Fitri. Idul Fitri is a big celebration for moslems. It marks the end of fasting month and by that, it means that evil and temptations have been defeated. It is a time for celebration. People visit each other and just make their personal bonds grow stronger. That day, I just had a big feast at my grandmother's house and when I got home, the TV was showing a certain news about the mud burst in Sidoarjo, East Java. It has not gotten better until this day. People lost their homes. They lost part of their future. Not just that, the mud shattered the infrastructure in that area and beyond. Anyhow, in the news I saw how people in Sidoarjo celebrated their Idul Fitri. For a day or two they overcome their sadness and celebrated one of the biggest days in a year. It was truly an inspiration. The spirit of forgiveness and love was all over the country, even in the most devastated areas. I applauded their spirit. The fight for what supposed to be their civil rights still countinues. But in that one holy celebration, they took time to say praise for everything life had brought them.

Selamat Lebaran dari Sidoarjo

Minal aidin wal faidzin
Allahu Akbar berkumandang di segala penjuru
Kemegahan Sang Khalik tentramkan hati
Biar hanya untuk 1 hari
Jiwa tenang tanpa keraguan
Tanpa kemarahan
Tanpa caci maki dan sumpah serapah
Bahkan saat rumah terendam lumpur selangit-langit
Dan tiada lagi ruang tamu untuk silaturahmi
Biar besok hati kembali tercabik-cabik
Hari ini istimewa bagi Sang Pencipta
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
allahu Akbar
Allah Maha Besar
Minal aidin wal faidzin

23 Oktober 2006
Andini Haryani


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