My Land, My Water

I love Indonesia from the day I realized that I was an Indonesian. It was not a result of any kind of indoctrination from anyone. I simply love Indonesia. And I would say with pride that this country is my heart and soul, it's my Tanah Air.

Indonesians are the only ones on this planet who refer to their country as Tanah Air (translated as Land and Water). The apparent reason is simply because this country consists of thousands of islands. We live on our land as much as we live from the water. So it's Tanah Air that we, Indonesians, live on.

In one of my High School classes, I was faced with one definitive, yet crucial (or probably totally unimportant) question. "Which is more important? The Land or the Water?" I did not answer. But in my heart I knew, not a single human being in Indonesia would survive with just having the Land or the Water. We do not need to choose because it's not something to choose. Both equally contribute to everything for every Indonesian. And for someone to say that one is far more important the other is just plain stupid.

Tanah Air is a one package deal. You don't choose. Just the same as you don't choose to be born as Indonesian. It's not a matter of choice. It's a privilege. So deal with it!


  1. I learnt to speak Indonesian at Uni, I fell in love with the people and language even before I had the opportunity to travel there, I've just returned from a month where I visited Medan, Nias, Jakarta and Bali and I want to return already!

  2. You should return and travel some more then! More awesome places to find, more cultures to make you fall in love.
    Thank you for stopping by. :)

  3. Yes, is a one package deal. Yes, It's a privilege. Love it,, proud of it!! I love Indonesiaaaa,,,


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